Cake Smash Session - £40


When should I schedule a cake smash session?

At least 4 weeks before your child's birthday.  This gives us time to discuss theme/colours for your child's session. 

What should my child wear?

Something to match the theme or colours of your session.  For girls - tutu's with a onesie look really cute.  For boys - nappy covers with a matching tie look great.  You can add in hats or necklaces as well.  

What does the session include?

A portrait session to start and then fun photos of your child enjoying smashing their cake.

Cake's are not provided by the photographer due to allergy reasons but I recommend getting a cake made by a professional baker for it to help make the photos and experience the best.

Props: letter's ("O" "N" "E"),  cake stand, bunting and tissue pom poms in theme colours.  

May I incorporate special props (favourite blankets, toys, meaningful items)? 

Yes please!This will make your session unique to you and your family.  We'll discuss props upon scheduling your session.

What if my child doesn't eat the cake?

This does happen.  Some children love the cake smash and dig right in.  Others are hesitant.  I recommend making a cupcake or small cake and introducing the cake smash idea before (a few days/weeks before) our session date.  This way, your child will be familiar with the process and will know that they can smash the cake. 

Will I (mum or dad) get messy?

You definitely will!  You will have to show your child that he/she can eat the cake so you might have to take a bite yourself.  Yum! Also, your child may stand up and walk or crawl around, so you will have to keep putting your child back into the designated space.  You will get icing on your clothes so don't wear anything you do not want to get ruined.  

Can I invite my family members to the session?

I like to keep the maximum family members at this session to two adults (not including myself) . Too many people trying to get your child to smile or talking will distract your child.  






The splash session includes a bubble machine and is a great way of cleaning your little one after the cake smash.